Designing single-family houses is a complex process, as it consists in combining the thoughts, skills of an architect with the views and needs of the Investor ordering the project, with the consideration of the professional skills of the contractor. From mutual in-depth conversation, getting to know each other, convincing, specific mediation and synergy of activities of the participants of the investment process, a result is created - an individual, "tailor-made" object satisfying both the creator and the future, usually long-term user. Designing housing complexes for "everyone", i.e., an anonymous user, is of a different nature. It is then important to propose the widest possible range of options and possibilities so that each future tenant would be able to find the optimal housing option for himself and his family.

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We design office and service facilities as well as shopping centers. Our achievements include facilities of higher and universal education, local and state administration, museums and galleries, car showrooms and services, newspaper editorial offices and catering facilities. The scope of activities covers all stages of the project: the urban context, the architectural object, its relation to the surroundings and interior design. We coordinate the work of all design sectors of the construction process, conduct formal procedures during the design and execution, we supervise the implementation process so that a unique object with which the Investor will fully identify and which will become a showcase of the company or institution is created.


The most complete result can be obtained by dealing with the design topic, from the urban scale, the context of the facility, through its architectural phase, to details and interiors, preferably with author's supervision throughout the entire implementation process. Although time-consuming, this approach is preferred at Atelier PS. However, it is not always possible for a project to cover the full range of tasks. Often the design concerns only interiors with a greater or limited possibility of interfering with the structure of the facility, which we also deal with at Atelier PS.

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Bastion of St Barbara, interior, hall, illuminations, Bastion Św Barbary, sala, oświetlenie


In the company's dossier, you will find revalorised historical buildings, adaptations of monuments to fulfill new functions, reconstruction and expansion, restoring abandoned and neglected buildings to modern times. The dialogue of today with history gives rise to multi-layered realizations rich in associations, which emphasize care for the historical context and cultural continuity, while using and displaying contemporary means and forms. Open juxtaposition of the "new" and "old", the use of the tension between today's and old forms, allows to obtain the most intriguing and inspiring implementation of this sector of activities. 


Few objects created in the past live today in an unchanged form. Functional and aesthetic needs are changing. Whether it's Katowice or Warsaw, London or Basel, city, suburbs, town or village, objects from years ago "live", change, regardless of whether they are modest buildings or registered monuments. Former factory premises become residential lofts, mansions and palaces inhabited by museums or headquarters of companies and institutions, hotels, railway stations, libraries, often sophisticated shopping and service centers .... Old housing needs undergo a constant metamorphosis, recently more dynamic than before. We are ready to transform objects, the form and function of which do not correspond to today's needs, and to give them new, contemporary values ​​for both individual and institutional investors.

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The comfort of living is realized in architectural objects, in their interiors, but also in urban space, in the zone "between" objects. The quality of the external space determines the quality of life in the city, in the countryside, allows for effective work and rest. We carry out project studies, conduct urban projects, feasibility studies providing the Investors with information about the investment possibilities of the area owned, compliance of plans with spatial development plans, we prepare applications for buildings and land development. Due to the location of the company's headquarters, Katowice and Silesia are the main area of ​​activity of Atelier PS. But not only ... Our projects can be found in Krakow, in the area of ​​Warsaw, Szczecin and Wrocław, but also abroad in Great Britain, Germany and Basel in Switzerland.

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