Architektura-Murator on Millenial Gardens in Katowice

On November 19, 2021 Architektura-Murator published on its website a publication entitled "Millenial Gardens in Katowice designed by Atelier PS", beginning it with the words: "The project of Millenial Gardens in Katowice involves the construction of nine point buildings with roofs and facades almost completely covered with greenery. Marek Skwara writes for us about assumptions of this innovative on a Polish scale project." You can read the entire presentation at the link:

Marek Skwara writes about the history of the creation of the project by Atelier PS, initiated in 2016, about the ways of placing various forms of greenery on the facades of buildings in different latitudes that have been functioning for years; from grasses, flowers, bushes to several meters high trees. He describes the backstage and assumptions for the development of the concept of a housing complex located in the Osiedle Tysiąclecia housing estate in Katowice, as well as the adopted pioneering solutions for maintaining greenery. The context and fate of the Millenial Gardens project are also described. The text is accompanied by photos of green facades from different parts of the world, visualizations and drawings of what could, but will not happen at “Tauzen”, because this is what the inhabitants of Katowice call Osiedle Tysiąclecia (“Millenial Housing Estate”), designed by famous Silesian architects Henryk Buszko and Aleksander Franta.

Bosco Verticale, Milano, author: Stefano Boeri.

Visualization of Millenial Gardens, Katowice, author: Atelier PS.

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