Analogies between music and architecture arise automatically: composition, rhythm, dominant... Hence, the architectural building containing musical functions seems to be the fullest embodiment of these analogies. The site can radiate melody and balance, as well as disharmony and chaos. The nature of the International Music Center made us look for a structure with perceptible rhythms and harmony, balanced internally and in relation to the environment. Because of the fact, that it is located in Żelazowa Wola, Chopin's birthplace, where history and years of spatial and landscape treatments create a "genius loci" for the memory of the Artist, whose greatness and fame is global and timeless, it should be the highest form of embodiment of thought: "Architecture is music in space, kind of frozen music.” written by Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling. Moving in the context of both the space of memory and the physical space requires a special kind of humility, tact, but also courage.

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