Izabelin Dziekanówek
Built: 2017

Due to the monotony of the environment, the authors decided to direct the attention to the interior of the object and create an integral internal world of the company. The work takes place in open spaces, with separate glass boxes, acoustic modules, a few closed offices and conference rooms. The transparency and opening of the internal space is aimed at integrating the company's work, shaping the sense of community of employees. In the central projection zone of the building, reinforced concrete "stems" with bathrooms, server room, printing house, kitchenette, were connected with steel platforms upstairs. The whole graphite shaft, directly under the arched skylights, was topped with a kind of "island of relaxation" with beach armchairs, coffee tables and games. Natural light illuminates the the chillout zone, as well as the central part of the interior of the building at all levels, through the gaps between the ceiling of the storey and the core.


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